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The Group: 4 european countries

FAENZA GROUP SPA combines expertise, services and creativity to deliver powerful, effective communication tools. Its willingness to listen, research and constant innovation have made FAENZA GROUP SPA one of the most highly rates names both in Italy and around the world.

FAENZA GROUP SPA consists of 7 companies, all committed to achieving the highest quality standards in everything they do.


Just call one of our many offices and the entire Group will be at your service.

815 people working every day to produce what makes FAENZA GROUP unique: the highest attainable quality standards in the design and production of communication tools.

Why pay for everything,
especially when you don't need to?

The Intertisk project is the perfect expression of the Faenza Group philosophy and approach: all our strategic decisions are taken based on the market.

Intertisk was established in 2013, enabling the Faenza Group to offer European and international markets competitively priced products whose costs are guaranteed and monitored by Faenza Group.


The Solution

We have built up consolidated joint ventures with companies with many years’ experience in the quality offset printing sector. Thanks to the expertise of the 100+ staff, together we are able to combine the organisational skills and attention to detail of a company whose key asset is its Italian identity and quality.

We have reduced services considered to be surplus to requirement in some production areas, giving Intertisk costs an even more competitive edge.

Today Intertisk supplies its products (books, magazines, catalogues, paper and cardboard products) to clients who usually purchase products and services both in Italy and the Far East.

As a result Faenza Group is able to deliver high added value products which it produces in Italy due to their complexity, limited time constraints and great attention to detail, together with printed products whose priority is more competitive pricing, while maintaining the trademark Faenza Group quality.


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